home should be where the heart is, never a word so true.

Well then, you're a fool, think again

steps tonight was fabby.

it made me realise that each song always reminds me of something in my childhood.

1) Tragedy - always remind me of my godmothers wedding
2) 5,6,7,8 - at my mums school disco it was the only song i would dance to and i taught the entire ks1 it.
3) One for Sorrow - my first STEPS concert
4) Heartbeat - The Steps video with the music video where H got kidnapped.
5) Stomp - where the seniors at my dance school did a modern to it!
6) Deeper Shade of Blue - Singstar parties!
7) Chain Reaction - That music video!

It was my childhood and it was so good to relive it tonight,¬†especially¬†when H was like ‘woop woop i’ve waited 10 years to do that’ ahaha :’). Seriously though, I’m such a nineties kid.

just some little bits :)

  • my blog name and title comes from the beauty and the beast musical
  • gossip girl i adore
  • i smoke only when drunk
  • i love to party with friends and have a good time
  • going to university in september
  • seeing steps on wednesday to relive my childhood